Product Usages?

Surfaces protection – GERMAGIC Thyme

Do we need to clean surfaces before we spray them with GERMAGIC ?

GERMAGIC provides long lasting and long acting antimicrobial to surfaces and acts as a sustained-disinfectant but it is recommended to have the surface cleaned prior to the spray to provide more even coats.

How to use GERMAGIC to obtain the best sustain disinfection results?

  1. Clean surfaces before spraying GERMAGIC.
  2. Keep to a spray distance of around 15-20 cm.
  3. Spray a mist of Germgic coating 3-5 times over the area until the whole area is evenly coated, leave to air dry.
  4. After spraying, can use a soft cloth to gently spread the spray evenly on surfaces if necessary.
  5. In order to provide non-interrupted protection, it is suggested the a spray service is required every 30/90 days.

What surfaces can we use GERMAGIC on?

GERMAGIC can be used on most porous and non porous surfaces. Eg. Clothing, shoes, mobile phoines, handnags, school bags, door handles, carpets, curtains, furniture, toilet, rubbish bins, beddings, toys, trolleys, car cabins, gym and sports equipment etc. GERMAGIC is non corrosive and can be used on most materials.

Can we spray GERMAGIC on face masks?

It is not recommended to spray GERMAGIC or any other liquid onto face masks as it may affect the effectiveness of the masks’ filtration function.

After using GERMAGIC, do we still need to clean the sprayed surfaces? Would cleaning demage the spray coating?

Daily cleaning and maintenance would not affect the effectiveness of GERMAGIC coating as long as you do NOT use alcohol or detergents. Diluted bleach (1:49 or 1:99) or GERMAGIC is recommended for daily cleaning.

Reminder: Please avoid using alcohol or detergent to reduce the antibacterial effect of the coating.

If we mistakenly use alcohol or detergent, would it cause the GERMAGIC coating to lose effectiveness immediately?

GERMAGIC can withstand cleaning with alcohol or detergent for up to 5-6 times so you do not need to worry too much. However, if you cannot remember how many times you may have used alcohol or detergent on coated surfaces, it is best to reapply GERMAGIC.

Can GERMAGIC be used on skin?

GERMAGIC has passed multiple safety tests and is non toxic, non irritative to touch, inhale or ingest. It is suitable for everyone and is safe on skins.

How to use GERMAGIC Multipro 72 disinfectant spray for best results?

GERMAGIC multipro 72 disinfectant spray can be used on skin or object.

On skin:

  1. Spray GERMAGIC 15-20cm from hand or body, gently rub to even out the spray and let dry.
  2. To ensure effectiveness of antimicrobial protection, GERMAGIC must be reapplied after washing hands with detergent.

On objects:

  1. Spray GERMAGIC 15-20cm from hand or body and let dry for around 10min
  2. To ensure GERMAGIC mulitpro 72 disinfectant’s effectiveness, spray must be reapplied every 72hours especially after thorough or deep cleaning

Can infants or children use GERMAGIC?

Yes. Suggested age is 1year old and above.

Can we use GERMAGIC against G6PD?


GERMAGIC series of products has no camphor, aspirin, sulfonamide etc in its ingredient. You can enquire with your doctor upon use.

Can GERMAGIC be used if I have eczema ?

GERMAGIC has passed multiple safety tests and has no irritant in it.

For a peace of mind, you can enquire with your doctor before use.

GERMAGIC air protection technology – GERMAGIC 90-day long-lasting antibacterial protection membrane.

How to use "GERMAGIC 90-day long-lasting antibacterial protective filter"?

  1. First take out the original filter, and simply clean the filter.
  2. When cutting out the GERMAGIC long-term antibacterial protective filter membrane to a suitable ruler, put it on the outside of the filter screen, and fix the sterilizing filter screen with adhesive paper.
  3. After attaching it properly, put the filter with the GERMAGIC long-term antibacterial protective filter back into use.

Can the GERMAGIC long-term antibacterial protective filter remove odors?


In addition to antibacterial viruses, it effectively removes odors, decomposes formaldehyde, and improves air quality.

How often should the GERMAGIC long-lasting antibacterial protective filter be replaced?

GERMAGIC recommends that the long-term antibacterial protective filter should be replaced every 3 months (90 days) to ensure continuous antibacterial efficacy.

GERMAGIC long-lasting antibacterial protective filter can be cleaned/reused ?

The GERMAGIC long-lasting antibacterial protective filter cannot be washed/reused. Regular replacement every three months.

Can the use of GERMAGIC thyme coating reduce personal cleaning or disinfection?

Although this coating can provide long-term protection and reduce the chance of carrier transmission from objects, personal hygiene should be done well, such as washing hands frequently, wearing a mask, and having enough sleep to fully combat the epidemic.

In addition to antibacterial products, what other epidemic prevention measures should be used?

GERMAGIC recommends using long-term anti-epidemic and antibacterial products. Please pay attention to personal hygiene as much as possible, such as washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask, and getting enough sleep to fully combat the epidemic.