Germagic 90 Air Disinfection Stick-On Filter

Suitable for air conditioner filters and air purifier filters

"GERMAGIC 90-day long-acting antibacterial protective filter" can continuously kill bacteria and viruses in the air for 90 days, "nearly 99%*coronavirus, 99.9%*influenza virus and bacteria", and can remove odors and decompose formaldehyde. Outstanding performance.
"Positioning for Life Epidemic Prevention Technology Empowerment" : It can comprehensively upgrade various air equipment and air-conditioning systems to achieve the antibacterial effect of empowering protection, and pass multiple safety tests, including skin irritation test, acute inhalation toxicity test, oral toxicity safety test, etc. , To ensure the protection of antibacterial safety and non-irritating, harmless to the human body and the environment.

90 Days Air Disinfection Stick-On filter
  • “long-lasting intelligent antibacterial coating technology” can achieve the sustained release of “contact antibacterial”, “release antibacterial” and “antibacterial adhesion”, antibacterial bacteria, viruses and molds.

    • Contact antibacterial : germs will be antibacterial when they are coated with GERMAGIC microcapsules.

    • Release antibacterial : Slowly activate and exudate gaseous antibacterial ingredients and antibacterial bacteria.

    • Antibacterial adhesion: Prevent bacteria from accumulating to form pollution.

  • The size can be cut freely, and it is suitable for all kinds of household and car air conditioners, ventilation systems, air purifiers and other equipment with filtering efficiency on the market.

  • Commercial customers can customize specifications according to their needs.

  • Material : PET non-woven fabric (PET polymer resin)

  • Size : 60cm x 40cm

  • Antibacterial rate: nearly 99.9%

  • Decomposition rate of formaldehyde: nearly 90%

  • Validity period: 24 months from the date of manufacture

  • Remove the filter of the air conditioner or freshener and clean it easily.

  • Cut the sterilization filter according to the size of the filter, and use double-sided tape to paste the sterilization filter on the four corners and the periphery of the filter for fixing.

  • Return the filter with the sterilization filter sticker to its original position, and the sterilization filter will be effective.