Brand and Technology?

Germagic Various Surface Protection Technology

What is GERMAGIC Smart sustained-disinfection coating?

Developed by HKUST-CIL joint laboratory, GERMAGIC Smart Long-term disinfectant has obtained over 10 global patents, effectively kills 99.9% of most bacteria and viruses. GERMAGIC has millions of nano-capsules made up with Polyethylenimine (PEI) antimicrobial polymers encapsulated with thymol and it forms a protective shields on surfaces. Research results show that GERMAGIC is not only effective against inactivating 99.9% of measles, MUMS and other highly contagious viruses but also FCV which is a virus that is most difficult to inactivate. GERMAGIC is also effective against SARS2-CoV19. It is effective for up to 90- days

How does GERMAGIC work?

GERMAGIC sustained-disinfection spray coating works by forming a protective layer on sprayed surfaces by its triple protection technology killing 99.9% of most bacterial, viruses and spores

  1. Contact Killing – When bacteria or viruses contact the surface coated with GERMAGIC, the nanopolymer microcapsules coating ruptures the membranes of the bacteria or virus inactivating it immediately.
  2. Release Killing – Thymol is then released from these microcapsules into the bacteria and viruses which completes the 2nd stage kill and removing odour caused by bacteria.
  3. Anti-adhesion – The nano property of the spray coating prevents bacteria or viruses from sticking to surfaces hence stops any further spreads.

Is GERMAGIC Thyme effect against SARS 2-Cov19?

GERMAGIC™ Thyme is broad spectrum and has been tested and proven effective against multiple bacteria, fungi and viruses. GERMAGIC Thyme was found to be effective against Feline calicivirus (FCV), a surrogate for Norovirus. As FCV is a small, non-enveloped virus, it is known to be one of the most resistant virus to inactivation by disinfection. “GERMAGIC Thyme 30 Days Antimicrobial Coating”has passed the virucidal hard surface efficacy test done at MICROBAC, a laboratory approved and recognised by EPA in the USA and HKLAS in HKSAR. This lab test proved that GERMAGIC Thyme is effective in inactivating 99.9% of the ACTUAL“SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 Virus) and is one of the first in the industry to have obtained such high standard. GERMAGIC sustained-disinfection coating technology is an effective brad spectrum antimicrobial coating effective against bacteria, viruses and spores

Why are there so many different GERMAGIC products?

GERMAGIC Smart sustained disinfection spray is a multi-functional product that can be used in multiple areas of our everyday life providing you all-round overall protection where ever you may be and whatever you may be doing. GERMAGIC antimicrobial products cater to your every need from personal protection, household protection to air purification.

Personal protection: GERMAGIC Multi-Pro 72 Disinfectant Spray . This product provides us 72hrs of anti-bacteria and anti-viral protection. This is a multi purpose product and can be used safely on all surfaces including skin.

Household protection: GERMAGIC Multi-Pro 72 Disinfectant Spray. The same product can be used at home on all your household products safely providing the surfaces with 72hrs of antimicrobial protection including odour elimination.

90 days GERMAGIC air filters. Improves overall air quality with antimicrobial effectiveness. This filter works to keep your air clean and free of germs for up to 90 days.

What is the differences between GERMAGIC products to other disinfectant products in the market?

Other disinfectants such as bleach or alcohol, they only work for a short period afte application and ceases to kill bacteria or viruses once evaporated and dried. They are also highly irritable to skin, respiratory systems and they are considered pollutants to the environment. GERMAGIC works continuously in killing bacteria and viruses for up to 72hrs or 30 days or 90days depending on the product used. GERMAGIC also provides triple protection with its Contact-Killing, Release-Killing and Anti-adhesion technology. GERMAGIC has passed multiple efficacy and safety tests proven to be a product that is effective in killing bacteria and viruses while being safe on human.

How long is GERMAGIC series of products effective for?

Traditional disinfectants lose its antimicrobial effectiveness when they evaporate or dry up on. But GERMAGIC Smart sustained coating is long lasting and long acting. It works for up to 30 or 90 days after per professional spray

For the very highly exposed or high touch areas, would that reduce or eliminate GERMAGIC’s effectiveness?

Tests conducted at HK’s hospital authority showed that curtains coated with GERMAGIC are still effective in inactivating bacteria and viruses after 6 months

Does GERMAGIC use natural essential oil?

GERMAGIC Thyme uses Thymol, an essential oil that possesses exceptional antimicrobial ability. It can also eliminate odour caused by bacteria.

GERMAGIC air protection technology-GERMAGIC coating

GERMAGIC Air protection technology.

Upon contact with GERMAGIC filters, bacteria and viruses are inactivated.

Release killing theory?

Unlike conventional antimicrobial technologies which solely rely on contact-killing, GERMAGIC™ releases Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in a controlled-manner, providing better germicidal effect in the coating’s proximal area.

Does the Anti-adhesion function also kill bacteria or viruses?

The Anti-adhesion function of GERMAGIC does not kill bacteria or viruses but when inactivated bacteria or viruses are not stuck to surfaces, it creates more contact space on the coating for GERMAGIC to double kill the bacteria and viruses by contact and release killing.